Firestone Credit Card

When you need the service or replacing tires on your vehicle done, are you one of those individuals that just happen to have a hard time coughing up that money. Is the trouble with coughing it up is because its, well, not there? If so, this is probably why you will want to hear a little bit more about the Firestone Credit Card. This is also one of the reasons why Firestone is offering to finance your purchase as long as it's $300 or more. They will finance it for six months and no interest rate as long as you will pay the full balance off within the six month period. This type of deal can be like a double edge sword.

What we mean by the double edge sword is that if you are great with making the payments then all will go fine. If you happen to miss payments a lot, then perhaps you should run for the hills. This type of program is actually created for people who have a bit higher likelihood to pay in the first place so that they can actually sell the tires. If you are going to be late and/or never pay, it only creates problems for them even if they are able to file it off as a loss. What's needed to be understood by most people who would fall into the pit with their Firestone Credit Card is the whole idea of deferred interest.


Deferred interest doesn't mean that they will wait and if you happen to miss your last payment they will put interest on the last part that you owe for the last couple of weeks until you pay it. What it means is that if you miss that last payment, that payment is hit with the interest in a retroactive way. You will be taxed on that last payment as if it has been late for the last six months. With that being said, you really don't want to miss payments. The unfortunate thing is that life happens to all of us. Sometimes there will be circumstances that would otherwise cause you to have to miss a payment on something in order to pay something else. Even in this case, just prepare yourself that if you miss that payment for any reason during that six month period you will be regretting it for probably the next six months or more.

If you will be able to successfully use your Firestone Credit Card and make your payments no matter what, then you should have no problems at all. So really, when you use the Firestone Credit Card to buy some new tires, it seems that that will really be the only set of tires you may want to put on the card. Unless perhaps you just feel like taking the chance and replacing tires on a few vehicles all at one. If that's the case, then by all means, go for it. We just want to leave you with the serious warning that should you miss paying your Firestone Credit Card even once, you may surely regret it.